Manifestation Magic With Mandalas

Up Your Manifestation MoJo With Mandalas! Mandalas Communicate directly to your Unconscious Mind to Manifest with Speed and Ease

Manifestation Mandala
Manifestation Mandala

A Custom Manifestation Mandala with your unique energy, intentions and symbols will Add Speed and Ease to Your Intentions and much more.

Do you feel like you’re constantly busy but not making any forward progress?

Do you feel the call to find your True Self?

Do you feel too tired to make the shift happen on your own?

Are You Looking for a way to Release the Worry, Overwhelm & Anxiety and respond swiftly and with purpose? A way that you can use anytime, that communicates directly with the unconscious mind? A way that doesn’t steal alot of time from your day…

You’re already busy enough, right?

Your Unique Custom Soul Mandala Can be Used:
-For Meditation, Healing and RelaxationManifestation Magic with Mandalas
-To Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind
-To Heal from Past Emotional Situations
-As a Powerful Reminder to the Unconscious Mind of Intentions and Goals
-As a Powerful Reminder to the Unconscious Mind of Your Personal Core Values

-As a Unique Expression of YOU for Your Business…Think Client Gifts, etc
-As a Logo or Sigal to Magically Broadcast Your Vibration to the World!!

The Unconscious mind makes up 85% of your mind power, and so is running your Life. To create change we must communicate to the Unconscious mind. The Unconscious Mind only understands and communicates in pictures and images.

A Mandala of Images & Symbols that are Personal and Powerful to YOU creates transformation and change quickly….especially when combined with your unique Energy & Intentions.

The Sanskrit term mandala roughly translates to “magic circle” or “sacred circle.

Mandalas, ancient and modern, frequently offer beautiful examples of radial symmetry and contain elements of Sacred Geometry.

They tend to act as activation templates of consciousness.

Yes, you can take this priceless tool and combine it with Intentional Channeled Mandala Power thus upping the Energy, Value and Power even more. A mandala with your Intentions and Energy embedded into it that is in your sight daily will assist paradigm shifts quicker than you can imagine. Magic in Action!

A Mandala with your symbols will act as a Powerful and Magical Sigil for you! Sigils are ancient mystical symbols that represents a specific goal, desire or ambition that you’d like to bring into your real life and have been used since Ancient Times.

“The ultimate miracle of life is within you, whatever you build for yourself will eventually manifest into reality and that is miraculous!” –Kemmy Nola

Manifestation Magic

I recently used the mandala at the top of the page to quickly Manifest an unexpected 5 week Sailing and Writing adventure in the Caribbean!

But don’t take my word for it..Here’s what one of my recent Custom Manifestation Mandala clients had to say. She placed her Custom Mandala by her bed where she could see it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and has had an amazing manifestation on many levels that included deep healing and publishing her first book! And she was recently asked to speak at a very large store about her book!

Custom Manifestation Mandala“Alicia Kent, has a unique spiritual gift to create mandalas for healing the subconscious mind. In her words, “mandalas are designed to communicate easily with the unconscious mind, and remind it (us) at a very deep level of our true self and power…The Unconscious Mind only understands and communicates in pictures and images.”

In working with Alicia to create this, I simply gave her symbols that have meaning to me: a bee and a yellow flower. Without ever saying a word, she knew everything about my life in terms of healing and forgiveness from these symbols alone. She then created a rare piece of art that resonates with my soul and reminds me of these eternal spiritual truths. Truly a priceless gift.” -Andrea Schuh Beaber

And here’s what a few others had to say….

“I asked Alicia Kent to make me a Mandala of my own. l gave her some information and then let her do her thing. What she has created for me was more than l expected! I could not express in words it moved me to tears. It touched me to my soul! I have always said, a picture is worth a thousand words! While l want to give you some of my words…Ancient, magical, brightness, protection, powerful, healing, love, acceptance, sunshine, light, divine, goodness, beauty, strength. It is well with my soul! The description in which Alicia describes where the images are from have been important to me on my journey and l can’t tell you what talent to put to image another’s journey. The imagery for me is perfection. Thank you Alicia Kent for seeing the divine me and showing me what it really looks like!”Dee Doerksen

I cannot even put into words how deeply I resonate with the beautiful Mandela that she designed for me. I’ve used it when designing graphics, it’s now the header on my Facebook page and it’s also the screensaver on my cell phone!

The reason it is so personal is because Alicia has infused my favorite crystals, flowers, logo and intentions into my Mandela! This is powerful work that she does! The result is also a beautiful piece of art that you will treasure for the rest of your life.-Debra Southworth, “DivinelyDebra”

If you’re ready to Connect Deeper to Your True Self  & Increase The Speed to your Manifestations with Ease,

Welcome to Your Mandala Journey

Part 1: The Awakening

Once I receive your Payment we will connect via Skype or Phone for a 30 Minute Intuitive Energy Assessment Session.

I will connect to your Light & Energy and we’ll discuss symbols, crystals, etc that you find meaningful.

You’ll share with me your Intentions and the Energy you would like your Custom Manifestation Mandala to resonate.

Part 2: The Journey

I will use my intuition and what you have shared with me to channel  and create your unique high vibe intuitive mandala.

This usually takes 7-10 days…sometimes longer. I will send a progress shot or 2.

My clients frequently share how surprised they are to already feel changes and shifts happening at this point.

I will also create a PDF on the energy, symbolism, and any intuitions that come up while I am creating your mandala.

Part 3: The Return to Self

Once you mandala is completed I will load it onto an online site where you will be able to see a full resolution image of it.

You will be able to zoom in and see all the details.

Many of my clients say tears come to their eyes the first time they see their mandalas as they feel such resonance with their True Self and Energy.

Part 4: The Celebration

Once you have had a a bit of time to connect to your mandala, we will reconnect via Skype or Phone for 30 minutes again.

During this time I will share the various ways you can most powerfully use your mandala. You will also choose which ONE of the included Mandala products, an 8″x8″ canvas print, a 14″x14″ cushion, or a phone case you would like to be included in your Mandala Package.

At this time you can also decide on any other products you may want to purchase with your mandala on to bring it into your Environment.* Products available include Round Beach Towels, Silk Meditation Scarves, Canvas and Framed Prints, Cushions, Device Cases, Leggings, Capris, Kimonos and More!

Manifestation Mandala






*Cost of these additional products will vary depending on the product, and is additional beyond the creation of the mandala. It is not essential to purchase other products! But most clients find the more they surround themselves with their mandala, the more success they have. Products available include Round Beach Towels, Towels, Silk Meditation Scarves, Canvas and Framed Prints, Cushions, Device Cases, Leggings, Capris, Kimonos and More!