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Are You Ready To Find Soul Mate Love?

But Instead Keep Attracting The Wrong Kind Of Love?

You know it’s time to Find Soul Mate Love. You’ve been successful in other areas of your life, and everyone tells you what an amazing ‘catch” you are, but you’ve just about given up hope. You long to find for that forever kind of Soul Mate Love… You long for more fun, adventure, passion and joy… You long for YOUR turn to be filled with magic…


No matter your age or circumstances, you can start today to create a Love Frequency that magnetically attracts conscious Soul Mate love. But, You must do the INNER soul work to create change in the world around you. You must do the INNER mindset work to release fears, limiting beliefs and sacred wounds. Do you feel the call to find your True Self? And True Soul Mate Love? Are You Looking for a way to Release the Anger, Guilt, Shame, Grief, Worry, Overwhelm & Anxiety and respond swiftly and with purpose to create the changes you Desire? To gain clarity and insight? Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to open and clear energy channels to allow the expansion required for it all to become fully integrated and into physical form?

Then you are in the right place!

I’m Your Love Alchemist, An Intuitive Energy Coach here to Assist You!

It’s Time To Manifest a Life of Harmony, Joy, Passion, Fun, Adventure, & LOVE It’s Time to Take Action and Embrace Your Power and Freedom



When was the last time you truly Experienced Peace & Joy, the last time you felt Clear, Calm, & Relaxed? If you’re like many of my first time clients, it may be difficult to recall.

Have you finally had enough? Are you YEARNING for CHANGE? Are you ready to clear patterns, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from Finding and Attracting That Soul Mate Love You Desire and Deserve?

It is possible to live the Life of Your Dreams, to have more energy and vitality, and to AWAKEN all of  YOU and YOUR SOUL’S GIFTS!

The World is waiting!



I’m a Scientist, Bodymind Acupressurist, A Creative Change Catalyst and Intuitive Energy Coach.Pink Peacock Feather For Soul Mate Love

I am YOUR LOVE ALCHEMIST and use all these skills to assist you to Create The Love Frequency To Attract Soul Mate Love…To Create Your Most Magical Life…to Make Magic Easy!

As a Scientist, I believe there is strong evidence supporting that we are all surrounded by energy, both seen and unseen that influences the natural world we live in, and the realms beyond our immediate five senses…

An energy that we can use to magically weave and create The Life of Our Dreams!

Allow me to assist you to Release Anger, Shame, Guilt, Grief, Anxiety, Worry & Overwhelm, To Transform Emotional and Physical Pain, To Gain Insight & Clarity, and Blossom into your Fullest True Self Soul Potential, so You Can Attract Magical Love! Save

Current Programs

Manifest Your Magical Life Program

Manifestation Mandalas

“Alicia Kent, has a unique spiritual gift to create mandalas for healing the subconscious mind. In her words, “mandalas are designed to communicate easily with the unconscious mind, and remind it (us) at a very deep level of our true self and power…The Unconscious Mind only understands and communicates in pictures and images. In working with Alicia to create this, I simply gave her symbols that have meaning to me: a bee and a yellow flower. Without ever saying a word, she knew everything about my life in terms of healing and forgiveness from these symbols alone. She then created a rare piece of art that resonates with my soul and reminds me of these eternal spiritual truths. Truly a priceless gift.”

Andrea Schuh Beaber

“Dear Alicia, I want to thank you so very much for the incredible coaching you’ve given me on the wonderful way the universe works. I had no idea that I could manifest so much with just asking and opening up to receiving. Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined. I had to phone you that one day to tell you what was happening, I was blown away!! Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more wonderful surprises from the universe as I get more great tips from you. 
With thanks and gratitude”

Silvia Ferguson