Have you ever had WEIRD EXPERIENCES that you later realized were amazing intuitive vibes?
Mine happened with Sea Turtles! I’m sure many of you have had similar experiences!
Many Empaths have been feeling the events of this past week deeply.

An amazing instance of Earth Keeper intuition happened to me involving Sea Turtles, the Ocean and energetic vibration. I’ve only shared this experience with a handful of people before, because it still seems a bit unbelievable to me at times.

For weeks before the big tsunami in Japan in 2011 I was having nightmares about Sea Turtles being rolled and tossed around…and when I looked up Sea turtles I read about how they are so sensitive to vibrations/energy and how I was feeling their energy…of course it was only after the fact that I realized what that energy was that they were feeling in the ocean ;-(

I’ve always been very connected to the Ocean and Sea Turtles. On a visit to Kona, Hawaii in 2007 I had a wonderful Turtle experience where I was drawn to run into the ocean in my dress as we were leaving a spot. My friends yelled at me to hurry up as we had to drop one of them at the airport. As I ran out and floated on my back (in my dress) a beautiful Sea Turtle rubbed his back against mine, and then followed me out of the water. I got a great photo of him on the beach.

After these 2 profound turtle events I used the photo of my turtle friend from Hawaii to make a Sea Turtle mandala to send healing energy to the oceans and the turtles.

Surrender to the Journey

I’d love to hear your stories with Sea Turtles…or your most interesting story with intuition.

Love and Blessings,



PS: I also used this mandala to create some leggings and a Silk Scarf

which I called “Save The Turtles”!


Save The Turtle Silk Scarf

Save The Turtle Silk Scarf


Save the Turtle Leggings

Save The Turtles leggings in action!

Save The Turtles Leggings

Save The Turtles Leggings