Join me for a 30-Day Program to shift from feeling stuck in the same old, same old to learning to Manifest Your Most Beautiful Life, Body, Mind and Spirit….everyday!

You will be empowered with Metaphysical Tools that you will bring into your everyday life to Create Energy Shifts, Transformation, Momentum and Action. You will experience how to quickly shift your paradigm using powerful Bodymind techniques.

I’ve found it is essential to work with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment to create lasting change. Having worked for 30 years as a Medical Scientist and 8 years as an Intuitive Bodymind Acupressurist I know how to look beneath the surface of what appears to be going on, and blend Science and Intuition to find very unique solutions. It’s time for you to Step into the Power of Conscious Creation and I am here to be your Manifestor Mentor and Guide.

I’ve always been very curious about my own personal growth journey, and willing to explore deep beneath the surface to move into new paradigms. This has lead me to many powerful ways to shift energy and create new paradigms for both many clients and myself. As a scientist, I believe there is strong evidence supporting that we are all surrounded by energy, both seen and unseen that influences the natural world we live in, and the realms beyond our immediate five senses.
I’ve personally put my own life “under the microscope” and love looking at the symbolism and energy of what is really going on, exploring why I’m responding a certain way, and releasing and healing those old patterns that no longer serve me, and I can assist you to do the same…and in doing so, HAVE A NEW AWARENESS OF ENERGY, HOW TO RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, and MANIFEST THE LIFE YOU DESERVE! A LIFE WHERE YOU FEEL JOYFUL AND ALIVE!!



You will discover how energy affects your Health, Mood, Motivation and and even your Wealth!

 This is such an important topic and one that I’m very passionate about.  How we can empower ourselves, align to our true nature, be truly abundant in all areas of our life, and live the lives we’ve always dreamed of.

Believe me I know how it feels to feel stuck and hopeless, and to wonder when will things ever change.

The metaphysical techniques I now practice have assisted me to manifest some amazing thing in my life….

natural-peacock-feather-eye-packaged-B452--N-ALT1_2 I manifested TRIPLING MY MORTGAGE to get through a challenging divorce and resulting financial difficulty mid career change WHILE I HAD BASICALLY NO INCOME …and have manifested those mortgage payments each month for 5 years now.  ( I now call my debt my Magic Money!!)

natural-peacock-feather-eye-packaged-B452--N-ALT1_2I manifested an amazing Conscious Soul Mate partner who I recently got engaged to on my 55th Birthday in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, on a sailboat!!

natural-peacock-feather-eye-packaged-B452--N-ALT1_2    I very recently manifested an incredible 5 week traveling, sailing and writing adventure.

natural-peacock-feather-eye-packaged-B452--N-ALT1_2    I manifested a sailboat to use for a whole season last year when we couldn’t find our ideal one to buy.

natural-peacock-feather-eye-packaged-B452--N-ALT1_2I have manifested many beautiful Intuitive and Creative Soul Mate clients. I feel so blessed to share in their journeys.


Here’s what a couple of them have had to say recently…

“I feel so lucky to have Alicia in my toolbox of wellness practitioners. There have been many stressful times in my life where she has supported me through some amazing intuitive processing and helped me shift perspective on each situation (not to mention she does incredible body/mind acupressure!). Alicia always seems to know exactly what I need to hear – it’s uncanny sometimes! I trust her wholeheartedly and know that with her guidance I am fully supported as I step into being all that I am meant to be in this world. Alicia is a gifted healer and teacher on so many levels. She walks her talk and I am constantly inspired by her teachings and her ability to manifest things. I’ve learned so much from her and continue to learn. I highly recommend working with Alicia for anything you are working through in your life or need support on. Her guidance is truly invaluable!” ~ Naomi teWinkel 

I want to thank you so very much for the incredible coaching you’ve given me on the wonderful way the universe works. I had no idea that I could manifest so much with just asking and opening up to receiving. Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined. I had to phone you that day to tell you what was happening, I was blown away!! Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more wonderful surprises from the universe as I get more great tips from you. ~ Silvia Ferguson 

“You offer such a profound gift, Alicia! It’s difficult to comprehend how you’ve facilitated my personal shifts and transformations… until I observe the same in those around me. Thank you for what you do!” ~ Camille

Your Magical Life Makeover Will Include:

4 Weekly 60 min Energy Coaching Calls Intuitively Customized

Unlimited Email/Messaging During Office hours

Private FB Group Accesss for Comments and Questions during Office hours

Weekly Worksheets and Handouts

A Manifestation Mandala with Your Top 4 Intentions embedded Into It

Week 1: Create Your Sacred Life “Mind”

This week will be focused on The Mind and Manifestation

-Use the “Wheel of Life” to discover where in your life you want to Create a Makeover

-Set Powerful Unique for you Mantras for your 30 Day Intentions

-Tools to Connect to Your Intuition/Energy on a daily basis

Week 2: Create Your Sacred Life “Body”

This week will be focused on the Body and Manifestation

-A check in to see where in your body stress is blocking your Manifesting

-A look at what beliefs your body is holding that don’t serve you

-Ancient techniques to release stress and anxiety, release old stuck energy and to give you a good boost of energy and endorphins

Week 3: Create Your Sacred Life “Environment”

This week will focus on your Environment…

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul” ~ Hermes Trismegistus

-Everything is Energy, Food, Clothes; Rooms…are you and your space aligned? Is your space a reflection of who you are becoming?

-Creating Your Home to Enhance Manifestation

-Creating Sacred Space in YOUR Daily Life

-Use of Symbols and Metaphors

-5 Elements and Feng Shui

Week 4: Create Your Sacred Life: “Spirit”

This week will focus on “Spirit” or “Soul”…and putting it all together

-Noticing shifts

-Importance of celebration

-Finding the Gifts (even when it appears there are none!)

-Manifestation Mandala PDF with your top 4 intentions embedded into it