Here’s How You Can Become a Magical Manifestor and Live a Fairy Tale Life of Limitless Joy and Freedom...

Discover the secrets to bringing your dreams to life with Conscious Creation, Soul Purpose and Divine Intuition

You thought your life would be better than this. When you look back, you remember the dreams you had when you were a child.


You dreamed of a big, beautiful, shining future.


A future where you could be anything you wanted to be. A future where you had everything your heart desires.


And through the years you’ve tried to create that life…


You even tried “that manifesting thing and the Law of Attraction” everyone seems to be talking about.


You’ve created vision boards and chanted affirmations. You’ve visualized your ideal soulmate and tried to think positive even when things seemed to be going wrong.


But no matter what you do and how hard you try, you can’t seem to bring your dreams to life.


You manage to manifest a free gift or a parking spot. You might even manifest money or a great trip…


But eventually, things go back to the way they were.


It’s back to the world you live in now…


A world where your work feels tedious and your life feels like one long, boring routine…


Filled with endless tasks that drain your energy.


Maybe money is scarce and you’re counting the pennies.


Or you attract money into your life only to see it flow out again as quickly as it came in.


Maybe you’re searching for love and you can’t find it or you have important relationships in your life but they feel unsatisfactory and unfulfilling…


You’re so tired of it all.


You feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Uninspired.


Deep down, you know life isn’t supposed to be this hard.


You know you were meant for something better.


Something greater…


You know you’re meant for a life that’s aligned with your values, your beliefs and your soul purpose…


Imagine if you could go through life with clarity and confidence, and embrace your true self.


Imagine if you could easily make the choices that connect with your heart…


The choices that bring you sweet joy, inner peace and so much love.


Imagine if you could move forward and follow your purpose so you can experience deep meaningful relationships and divine spiritual alignment.


You hear the call that asks you to shine brightly and reveal your true colors with pride…


You long to answer this call but you’re too exhausted and confused to make that shift happen on your own and you’re not sure what you’re supposed to do.


What if you go to the end of your life and never see your dreams come true?


What if you never achieve your highest potential or never end up doing what you were born to do?


You’re frustrated and fed-up and you’re more than a little scared.


You can’t seem to find the answer but it’s closer than you think…


Here’s something you need to know…




You’ve already completed the most important thing you need to do to manifest your dream life and you don’t even know it!


When you’re tired, confused, and ready to give up…


When you’re feeling stuck and overwhelmed…


You’re exactly in the place that you need to be!


These emotions may feel very uncomfortable but they are there for a reason…


They’re there to tell you that you’re ready.


Ready for something better.


Ready to experience life on your terms. Ready to experience more time, money and freedom.


And that’s why you’re reading this. That’s why you’re right here, right now.


Manifest Your Magical Life is a powerful step-by-step process that shows you how to manifest magic and create a fairy tale life even if it feels like you couldn’t be further away from your dreams right now.


I’ve witnessed unbelievable results not just in my own life but in my clients’ lives too.


This unique manifestation method connects the limitless power of the Universe and the magical results that you receive when you take aligned action.


It combines powerful metaphysical plus practical techniques that will help you attract all the beauty, joy, love and freedom you’ve been dreaming of.


But Manifest Your Magical Life also includes a piece of the puzzle that can reverse all of your efforts to manifest…


You see, when you’re co-creating your life with the Universe…


All those beautiful intentions and focus around visualizing, affirming, creating vision boards, thinking positive thoughts…


It all comes to nothing if you don’t get this one thing right…

Manifestation cannot happen if you have energy blocks, you are not even aware of, standing in your way.


There’s a good chance that you’re not even aware of these blocks but if you’re serious about manifesting your fairy tale life, you MUST dissolve them…


Releasing your energy blocks is the difference between calm, effortless, joyful manifestation and a journey that’s full of fear, frustration and the “one step forward, two steps back” syndrome.


During our time together in Manifest Your Magical Life, I will help you release energy blocks, emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from stepping into your birthright as a powerful manifestor.


You will discover just how easy it is to attract everything you want when you have released anger, grief and other powerful emotions that arise during traumas or painful events in your life.


These emotions will continue to be held in your body, mind and cellular memory…


Cellular memory isn’t like the memory you hold in your thinking mind. It’s far more powerful than that.


Cellular memory is where every single cell in your body holds on to the memory emotions, thoughts, fears and everything else you have ever experienced in your life.


If these emotions and memories are not released, they will seriously limit or even destroy your ability to manifest.


I’ve found that it is crucial to work with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Space or Environment if you want to manifest your dream life and create REAL, lasting change.


The kind of change that transforms your life forever.

Hi! I’m Alicia Kent. I’m an Intuitive Manifesting Mentor and Guide, Mandala Artist, Energy Coach and Bodymind Acupressurist…


And I’m here to tell you that it is possible to Manifest Your Magical Life…

The Magical Life you were born to live.

I’ve created a beautiful world using the magical power of energy and the infinite powers of the Universe but my journey began in an unlikely place…a medical laboratory!

I worked as a Medical Scientist for 30 years and it taught me something essential…

It’s important to look beneath the surface of what we experience as reality.

Because of this, I learned to question, to experiment and to dig deep for answers to all my questions about work, relationships and life.

Later, when I began working as an Intuitive Bodymind Acupressurist, I discovered a path that allowed me to blend science and intuition to find unique, effective ways for my clients to step into their power of Conscious Creation and experience amazing results.

I discovered secrets that helped me to connect the practical with the magical and incredible things began to happen.

In my own life, I’ve used this one-of-a-kind blend of spiritual, metaphysical and practical strategies and systems of Conscious Creation to manifest.

Here are just some of the results I’ve experienced using my unique, magical manifestation method:

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301Incredible health and healing, including healing 2 frozen shoulders and avoiding 2 major surgeries I was told I would need!

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301During my Lab Medicine Career I manifested the first full time job in my graduating class, and a magical 3-month paid leave of absence to backpack in Australia. Later in my career as a Medical Scientist, I manifested a prestigious Department Head position ahead of others with more seniority and experience.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301I received $250,000 in cash from the equity in my home that helped me get through a challenging divorce and the resulting financial difficulty. Everyone, including my personal banker told me there was no way I would be able to with my financial situation. I did this mid career change WHILE I HAD NO INCOME!

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301I’ve been easily paying off large mortgage payments each month for 5 years now, despite some major setbacks in my personal finances. These days, I call my debt my Magic Money because somehow, the money magically appears for my monthly mortgage payments!

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301Once I did the specific healing work necessary, I manifested an amazing conscious Soul mate. I recently got engaged to him on my 55th birthday in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, on a sailboat!!

In fact, it was during this romantic sailing trip that inspiration rose within me…

I felt so very grateful to be able to attract amazing relationships, money and unforgettable experiences into my life that I felt drawn to help others…

I started thinking about my journey, and all that I had learned. I thought about all the knowledge and tools I had acquired and it became clear…

I was able to manifest accurately and consistently because I used tools in 4 key areas — Mind, Body, Space and Spirit.

So I wrote down everything I knew and Manifest Your Magical Life was born!

This is my signature 5-week program where I will personally work with you to release energy blocks and implement the systems, processes and techniques that will call in your fairy tale future.

If you’re ready to maximize your manifestation powers, if you’re ready to unleash the power and pure potential you have inside yourself, then Manifest Your Magical Life is perfect for you


I know there are a ton of books and programs on manifestation but there’s nothing quite like this out there.

When you engage with the strategies and tools in Manifest Your Magical Life, you will feel the awesome flow and inner knowing that comes with harnessing the powers of the Universe.


You will be empowered with both magical and practical tools that will dissolve energy blocks that stop you from manifesting your heart’s desires.


You will experience inner and outer transformations that will have you making choices and decisions from a place of love, clarity and confidence so you can take insightful, inspired actions for growth, expansion and powerful manifestation.


And you will quickly shift into a place of deep self-belief using ancient Bodymind Accupressure techniques that produce gentle yet extraordinary changes.


I will show you how to look at the symbolism and energy of what is really going on in your life.


You will learn to become self-aware, a keen student of your own responses, feelings and beliefs so you can forever release old habits and negative patterns that don’t serve you and keep you playing small.


You will have a marvelous new awareness of your own energy and the energy around you and you will know how to quickly and easily manifest the life you have been dreaming of…


A transcendent life where you feel vibrant, confident, empowered and fully awake and alive!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Alicia:

“I highly recommend working with Alicia for anything you are working through in your life or need support on. Her guidance is truly invaluable!”

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold201

“I feel so lucky to have Alicia in my toolbox of wellness practitioners. There have been many stressful times in my life where she has supported me through some amazing intuitive processing and helped me shift perspective on each situation (not to mention she does incredible body/mind acupressure!). I trust her wholeheartedly and know that with her guidance I am fully supported as I step into being all that I am meant to be in this world. Alicia is a gifted healer and teacher on so many levels. She walks her talk and I am constantly inspired by her teachings and her ability to manifest. I’ve learned so much from her and continue to learn. I highly recommend working with Alicia for anything you are working through in your life or need support on. Her guidance is truly invaluable!”  – Naomi teWinkel

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301

“Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined.”

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns Gold-01

“I want to thank you so very much for the incredible coaching you’ve given me on the wonderful way the Universe works. I had no idea that I could manifest so much with just asking and opening up to receive. Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined. Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more wonderful surprises from the Universe as I get more great tips from you. With thanks and gratitude…”  – Silvia Ferguson

Here’s what you’ll find when you join
Manifest Your Magical Life

Week 1: Mind

Magical Manifesting Mindset

Nothing gets in the way of manifesting your desires like false beliefs and overwhelm. Your mindset is everything. Without the right mindset you’ll fail even before you begin.

This week you will:


    • Learn to call in the right vision. You will get clear on exactly what you want to manifest and you will learn to write precise intentions that will fuel your manifestation powers.


    • Discover a powerful way to explore your true, Soul Purpose so you can make decisions and take actions that align with this purpose at all times


    • Know how to use my Extremely Effective Secret Strategy to create one-of-a-kind Aligned Mantras and Empowered Intentions that will bring your dreams to life.


    • Use the tools you need to fine-tune your energy so you can connect to your inner world and your Divine Intuition in seconds. This will magnify and expedite your manifestation results.


  • Take Inspired Action everyday. This is one of the most challenging parts of the journey to manifestation and my Simple Action-Taking Strategy will help you to move, create, write, envision, speak or do any physical real world action that you need to do.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold-01Week 2: Body

Embracing The Power of Your Body

You can manifest only when you are deeply connected with your body.  Stress and powerful emotions such as anger, held in your physical body and your cellular memory will block you from manifesting even the littlest thing.

This week you will:


    • Discover exactly where you carry stress and locked emotions in your body so you can uncover and release unconscious beliefs that have slowed down or stopped you from manifesting easily and joyfully.


    • Use ancient but not commonly known practices to dissolve blocked energy in your body so all your manifestation channels will be open and ready to bring in everything you ask for


    • Receive a Custom Self-Acupressure Plan from me, which will show you how to release stress, fear, anxiety, and other old stuck emotions so you can have a wonderful boost of energy and endorphins whenever you need it. As an Intuitive Empath and a Registered Bodymind Acupressurist, I will tap into the points that will be most powerful for your unique energy. You will be able to use this Self-Acupressure Plan for the rest of your life to get your body energy aligned to your desires!


  • Learn an easy-to-use technique to intuitively connect with your body anytime, anywhere so you will always know how to return to a state that maximizes your manifesting powers. You will also learn to use a crucial method called Cleansing when shifting energy in your body and you will discover how to protect your personal energy so you always feel safe and protected, yet connected to the powers of the Universe.


CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold201Week 3: Space

Creating An Ideal Sacred Space

Are you and your space aligned? Is your space a reflection of who you are becoming? Your manifestation abilities will greatly decrease if you are in an environment that does not match your soul and how you WANT to feel. It is crucial to be in a beautiful, peaceful, clutter-free space that inspires feelings of comfort, love, joy and gratitude.

This week you will:


    • Discover the steps you need to take to enhance your living space so you can feel comfortable, safe and at peace inside your home. You will learn simple yet powerful Feng Shui principles to help you shift the energy inside your home…don’t worry you won’t have to change much, or remodel!


    • Learn why Creating Sacred Space and time for yourself is absolutely critical in your journey to manifesting your dream life.  No matter how busy and overwhelmed you feel now, you will be able to use these methods, techniques and strategies that help you find time for yourself every single day. By the end of this week, you will look forward to the Sacred Space you’ve created in your daily life.


  • Learn how to work with the power of the Sigil, which is a magical symbol that can take help you move to the next level and beyond as a Magical Manifestor. You will learn how to tap into the powers of the Universe and channel the energies you need to bring your desires to life using this incredible symbol of energy.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold01Week 4:  Spiritual Magic

Connecting with Spirit

Manifesting your ideal life is about knowing what you truly want and understanding and embracing the secrets of your soul. A strong connection with your Spirit and your Soul Purpose will bring you crystal clear clarity, and inner peace like nothing else can so you can call in and manifest the experiences, relationships and life that will align with your soul.

This week you will:


    • Learn how to channel the energy of gratitude and use a Gratitude Journal effectively. You will experience an ongoing feeling of well being, appreciation, peace and love within you so you can enjoy extraordinarily high energetic vibrations that will enhance your manifestation powers like nothing else can.


    • Discover what Energetic Boundaries are, and the critical role they play so you can start manifesting effectively and consistently. You will understand why you will have these boundaries challenged as you shift your energy and what to do about that. You will learn how to “install” your Energetic Boundaries so you can feel protected yet connected to the Universe.


    • Learn how to use the powerful Ancient Forgiveness Ritual and Anger Releasing Movement so you can let go of unforgiveness and anger — 2 of the strongest energy blocks that stand between you and the life that you want.


    • Know when and how your energetic shifts happen. This is uniquely individual and it is important to take note of these shifts so you can make the most of them so your visions and dreams become reality.


    • Learn a very special meditation that will help you find the gift in any experience — even the ones that you previously believed were negative. I will show you how to take this gift and store it in your “Goodie Bag or Basket” as a new manifestation tool that you can use anytime you want.


  • Learn to create a unique and powerful magical symbol. You will create this symbol from your Empowered Intentions and deepest desires. This magical symbol will work just like a powerful transmitter that will communicate your intentions to the part of your mind where real change happens and creations occur.


 CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold-01Week 5: Celebration

Taking It To the Next Level

The essentials that will give you awesome manifestation powers are revealed through the first 4 weeks of this course.

In this final week, you will discover how to use everything you’ve learned to move to the next level of manifestation (and beyond).


    • Discover why it is so important to celebrate. Celebration is gratitude in action. When you celebrate your wins you will have more and more wins to celebrate. This is an unbreakable Law of the Universe.


    • Learn to create a smooth, seamless flow of energy that you can go back to  whenever you need to call in the powers of the Universe to bring your dreams to life


  • Understand how to connect everything you’ve learned so far, creating your own Magical Monthly and Daily Rituals and bring all the pieces together to create an incredibly high vibration so you can easily attract all your desires.

Manifest Your Magical Life isn’t your everyday manifestation program…

This isn’t just about creating vision boards and chanting affirmations all by yourself.

I will connect with you individually, deeply, intuitively and energetically. We will work together so you can consistently and powerfully manifest desires that are aligned with your Soul Purpose.

The heart of this program unfolds through 5 x 60-Minute One-On-One Intuitive Energy Coaching Calls.

Every week, throughout the course, you and I will connect on Skype or Zoom . I will identify and help you release conscious and unconscious blocks in your body, mind, space and spirit so you will have a clear connection to the infinite powers of the Universe for limitless manifestation.

I will also answer any questions you may have about your personal manifestation experiences.

As I said, this is a one-of-a-kind program!

You will receive my personal, focused and undivided attention for 5 full weeks.

When you join me on this magical journey to your fairy tale life, you WILL transform your inner and outer world.

But there’s more…

When you join Manifest Your Magical Life now, you’ll also receive not 1 or 2 but 5 very special gifts valued at a total of $633.00!!

At no extra charge!

Free Gift #1
Value: $197.00

Magical Manifestation Mandala

You will receive a gorgeous, just-for-you Magical Manifestation Mandala and I will teach you how to use it speed up and enhance your manifesting powers. The magic in your beautiful mandala will arise from your own intentions. I will infuse it with your top intentions OR a power symbol so it will be aligned with your Soul Purpose and your desires.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold01

Free Gift #2
Value:  $145.00

Continuous Email Access

You will have email access to me for continuous connection and support throughout the duration of this 5-week program  (please allow 24 to 48 hours for my reply)

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns Gold-01
Free Gift #3
 Value:  $33.00

Magical Online Sanctuary

You will have access to a private Facebook Group where you can share your experiences and comments as well as ask any questions that may come up in a safe space surrounded by kindred spirits. I will also be in the group to answer any questions you may have and offer support when you need it.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301
Free Gift #4
Value:  $79.00

Manifestation Playsheets

You will receive fun playsheets with powerful activities that will help you to deepen and enhance your ability to joyously manifest your dreams. These aren’t just activities that you can use only once. They’re methods and tools you can use again and again to create amazing manifestations over the coming, weeks, months and years.

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold201
Free Gift #5  + Extra Special Bonus Add On

Value:  $179.00

Magical Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records is a magical, beautiful inner experience where sacred energies come together to light up the path that is best for you and your highest dreams and desires. I will connect deeply and directly to your Divine Team of spiritual guides to discover answers to your burning questions, uncover any residual hidden blocks and release and heal all of them.

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fairy tale future,
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$444 (USD)


gold bar AA

“I am so grateful for your recommendations on how to move forward enthusiastically with joy and gratitude”

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold201

“Thank you so much Alicia! Your wise advice and your practical, spirit-filled ways have both clued me into what is under the surface of my stress and tension regarding upcoming life changes and given me new ways to cope and go through and beyond my lingering regrets. I am so grateful for your recommendations on how to move forward enthusiastically with joy and gratitude.”  – Mary Anderson

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301

“Every time I feel a negative thought. I do that acupressure point you told me about, and I instantly feel better”

CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns Gold-01

“I am totally feeling super blessed, positive and calm today. At first I kinda felt weird feeling calm, and not anxious. But I am now embracing it! Our conversation yesterday was a huge blessing for me. It really was the nudge I needed! Every time I feel a negative thought. I do that acupressure point you told me about, and I instantly feel better. Thank you so much Alicia!!!” – Leah Nevers

“Alicia, I can’t thank you enough! This is the first time in my life that I have felt truly connected to nature and the Universe since being a young child. I truly feel that this is an awakening. Thank you!”

Are you ready to Manifest Your Magical Life?


If your answer is, “YES!” be prepared for the journey of a lifetime…

When you join Manifest Your Magical Life, you will receive:


CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns Gold-01The unique Manifest Your Magical Life program with 5 x 60-minute one-on-one Intuitive Coaching Call sessions where I will show you how to focus on your Mind, Body, Space and Spirit for limitless manifestation powers. You will also discover the secret systems, strategies and process my clients and I have used to manifest magical love, money and opportunities. During each call, we will work through and release your personal energy blocks to create clear channels that maximize your ability to manifest and connect you to the Infinite Powers of the Universe. You will also learn how to celebrate your manifestations and your wins so you can continue to call in your desires and create your fairy tale life.



CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-gold301Your Magical Manifestation Mandala will be infused with your top your top intentions OR a personal power symbol. This will raise your ability to manifest, all the way up to maximum. This mandala is like a magical doorway that allows the powers of the Universe to enter your life. It will capture everything in your heart, mind and spirit, in physical form, so you can manifest faster and more consistently than you ever have in your life, and will speak to that part of your mind where the Manifestation Magic happens!



CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold201Continuous Email Access to me for the entire course of the program where you can ask me anything you want about manifestations, energy blocks and anything else you have learned. There will also be many fun playsheets that will help you to embody and activate everything you’ve learned through powerful actionable steps designed for joyous and consistent manifestation.



CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold01


A private Facebook group that is also an online sanctuary where I will answer any questions your may have. You will also get to connect, collaborate and raise your vibration as you witness and share your experiences with me and other kindred spirits.



CA0063 Mandala Geometry Patterns-Gold-01

An extra special Magical Akashic Records reading where I will connect to your personal Divine Team of spiritual guides to answer your questions about manifesting your desires and life goals. You will receive healing and energy clearing during this session and you will come away with clear knowledge on what you need to do to make your dreams a reality and live from your highest self.

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fairy tale future,
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