The Gift of Trauma

The Gift of Trauma

The Gift of Trauma

What if everything in our life, even things like stress and trauma turn out to be gifts to the Spirit and Soul?

I had an interesting day yesterday. I saw how sacred my life is, and how beautiful it is in a whole new way.

My Work Then....Stressed

Suddenly, in one moment I had such deep gratitude for my entire life journey…even all the messy bits, and saw fully and deeply how I came to where I am…to this life full of Love, Freedom, Passion, and working from my Soul’s Purpose.

Yesterday I had to go to the hospital where I had previously worked as a Medical Lab Scientist for 20 years. Yes, I worked for 30 years in total as an empath surrounded by intense emotions and trauma. On my way to the where I had to go yesterday, I stopped at the washroom, and suddenly I was transported back to a moment years ago, when I was rushing around on a busy evening shift and stopped in for a pee break…which was on many shifts a difficult thing to get time to do!

I was suddenly taken back to a moment I had totally blocked from my memory…a moment of intense emotion and trauma. As I walked into that very same bathroom all those years ago I was the first on the scene of a suicide…a successful one.

This was just one of the many, many traumas I was exposed to and wasn’t the final one that pushed me into PTSD. But shifts had to go on! There was blood to cross-match, doctors paging for results, ICU, ER and the OR all wanting attention at the same time. On evening and night shifts there was only one Lab Scientist for the entire hospital.

So yesterday I saw clearly how I had created a life where I was exposed to so much trauma. How this trauma had been manifesting in my body as pain and dysfunction from being repressed and squashed, and that it was all for a deep, Divine Purpose. How finally one big traumatic event combined with other intense relationship stress in my life finally took me to a place of ENOUGH! How getting to this place of enough has taken me on such a deep exploration, took me to the depths of despair, and allowed me to rise again. How it is allowed me to learn how new paradigms are created in our lives, and how we can re-create ourselves. And I was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude for every second of this because of where it has taken me….to the deep understanding and insight I now share with clients…and to spend my days living a full and beautiful life following my Soul’s Purpose. I’m so grateful these traumas allowed me to discover this purpose!

I’ve learned how emotions create energetic blockages in our bodies the lead to dysfunction. I’ve learned how we store trauma in our cells, and how we can release this. I’ve learned how we can create sound energetic boundaries. I’ve learned we can rise again, and create the most beautiful life full of our dreams.

And the most beautiful part of all of this is that through my own journey I have been able to assist so many others. Now I have had a deep desire to assist even more beautiful souls to their life of Freedom….a life Free of Emotional and Physical Pain. And Full of Beauty and Love. Cause, did I mention I also found a Beautiful, Conscious Love on this Journey too!

So, I invite you along to share in this messy, and beautiful journey I took from Stressed to So Blessed and Grateful! I have so much more to share about this journey! I’m just getting started on even so much MORE!

PS. I just realized what day it is, and found it interesting I’m writing this on 9/11.

So with that said, I am dedicating this post to all first responders many who suffer with PTSD, and some who have even given their lives.

With Love and Blessings,



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