You’re a Unique, Spiritual Woman,  awakening with a deep smouldering desire to attract divine love and riches into your life… and arriving here, you’re one flicker away from a blazing inferno.

Let’s ignite your passion even further and calibrate your manifestation settings, towards that which you seek!

Introducing THE ATTRACTION FACTOR, to ReAwaken, ReWild, and ReInspire your Love Goddess, to Attract More Love and More Money!

Yes, It’s True….
When you begin to do the work to open to Receiving Deep Soul Love, you will also begin Attracting More Abundance in all areas of your life!

I think I’ve got your number, and I see YOU.

You’re a bit of a WILD, ROGUE ROSE and You’re Ready to BLOSSOM!!

You’re Craving More Freedom and Adventure! More Passion, Joy, Vitality, and Prosperity!


A partner, just as unique and magical as YOU!

❤ I KNOW you’ve had it with Low Vibe Love Affairs and attracting partners who are:

UNavailable emotionally

UNable to meet your needs or care about your wants

UNsupportive and selfish

UNwilling to make a commitment

UNkind, immature, or abusive

UNconscious and resist looking at their own “stuff”

Untrustworthy, UNfaithful or Unreliable, and

UNable to recognize you as a blessing in their life, or appreciate and honor the real you.

We’re So Done with UN!

I KNOW you are tired of repeating the same old patterns of dysfunctional love.

I KNOW you are tired of the all chaos in your love life and finances.

Stop ignoring your HEART’S DESIRE❣️

That Magical Life full of Empowered Passion, Prosperity, and Promise, and a Divine Life Partner to share your sacred journey with…AWAITS.

The value of your transformation FAR exceeds your investment in this program, as money is a renewable resource, but time is not!

Time is even more finite and much less negotiable.

With each passing minute, you are hurtling towards life’s finish line


Nope, you can’t put a price on the kind of Conscious, Soul Love that I’m talking about

and it’s not often found by ORDINARY means.

Ordinary Means Leads to Ordinary Men!!

And time continues to tick forward!

HOW MUCH LONGER are you prepared to wait for your life to transform on its own?

HOW MUCH LONGER are you going to put up with Low-Vibe Love Affairs and 6-month one-night stands?

HOW MANY MORE family gatherings, work events and holidays do you want to attend alone or with someone you’re not proud of?

HOW MANY MORE weekends do you want to face date-less, or staring at those same old sucky date requests,

that you’ve been attracting?

If you could do it on your own, you would have.

The EVIDENCE is either sitting next to you, supporting you, loving you, nurturing you right now or EVIDENTLY you could use some help!

IT’S TIME to try a new approach.

IT’S TIME to recalibrate your love manifestation field and bring in your true love!

IT’S TIME to fully awaken the magic inside you, so you can create that Fairy-Tale life you’ve always daydreamed about.

IT’S TIME for your inner love caterpillar to butterFLY!

I will support you with healing steps and guide your transformation.

We’ll spotlight and remove any self-worth mindset blocks you’ve struggled with, that have kept you feeling small, in lack, or less than that Wild, Rogue Rose True Self whose been inside and calling to you for eons!!

Here are the foxy fine points of what you’ll receive in the ATTRACTION FACTOR:


(2) 60-minute group calls per month for 3 months.

(1) 30-minute custom, private, 1:1 VIP call per month for 3 months.


Also included are some very special and unique Magical Love Attraction BONUSES:

MY LOVE ALTAR CHECKLIST, showing you how to quickly and easily create your Love Altar and get its mojo activating and attracting!!

MY MAGICAL LOVE MANIFESTATION MANDALA, infused with a personal Love power symbol. This will exponentially raise your ability to manifest, turning the volume all the way up to MAX! This mandala is like a magical doorway, allowing the powers of the Universe to enter your life. It will capture everything in your heart, mind and spirit, in physical form, so you can manifest faster and more consistently than you ever have. It speaks to that part of your mind where the Love Manifestation Magic happens! 


All this and a Private, Sacred Sisterhood of kindred spirits, to collaborate, share your experiences, practice your new tools, and witness each other’s miracles.  I’ll also be available here, to nourish and support you throughout our 90 days program. There will be Weekly Office Hours in the group to make sure you get all your questions answered. 


The Attraction Factor consolidates 10 years of deep learning into 3 short months, filled with a sisterhood of support and encouragement.

There are two investment options for this 90-Day VIP program:


One payment of $1557.00 (or 3 monthly payments of $555.00).


For those who pay in full, a special additional bonus will be included:

A MAGICAL AKASHIC RECORDS LOVE READING…which is a bonus, extra private call, that we’ll schedule right away, so you can begin your love journey with a magical boost. I will connect to your personal Divine Love Team and you will receive a healing energy clearing, during this session, and crystalline clarity on what you need to get started to make your dreams a reality and live from your highest self.

In this incredibly special 90-day ATTRACTION FACTOR  Journey, you’ll:

Discover and unleash Your Unique Attraction Factors to squash any Dating Anxiety.

Increase your “Emotional IQ Alchemy” and your ability to generate good feelings from within, instead of relying on food, alcohol, another person, smoking, toxic relationships, etc.

Embrace and embody more joy, by expanding deeper, unconditional self-love and compassion.

Concretize Your High Vibe Vision for the fun, adventurous relationship you want to attract.

Become a confident conscious dating goddess. A walking aphrodisiac!

With new tools for your “Energetic Toolbox”, to keep you in high vibes, even on the most difficult days.

I’ll be that little birdie or Cyrano, in your ear, when you’re dating and we’ll get that dating profile of yours up to snuff, with lots of hot tips on pics and stuff!

Raise your love vibration, to make sure you’re sending out a clear signal for your special someone to follow.

Arouse and rejuvenate your intuition to create deeper, lasting love. (Yes, we are all intuitive).

Become a confident, empowered dating goddess…the conscious creator of your divine love experience.

Alicia’s knowledge, skills, insights, processes, and magical tools will find you awakening one morning in the arms of your beloved love, and finally LIVING YOUR FAIRY-TALE LIFE.

There are two investment options for this 90-Day VIP program:


One payment of $1557.00 (or 3 monthly payments of $555.00).


For those who pay in full, a special additional bonus will be included:

Dear Alicia, I hope this begins to show you how much I loved your course. I am missing our weekly meetings, but Im sure that you’d be proud of the way my life has changed already. This wonderful course was such an exciting, heart-centered experience for me. It pushed me far out my comfort zone, as it involved me ‘Showing Up’ for our weekly meeting. I needn’t have worried as Alicia Kent knew exactly how to help me feel immediately at ease in her presence. I felt so supported and encouraged throughout the whole course, and it has certainly allowed me to have a whole new level of confidence in all I do. Every class was so relevant and tailored exactly to my needs. Alicia was so accurate as she assessed my difficulties in life. She was able to show me amazing tools I could use to help me clear blockages and focus on my goals. She was so clear in the way she explained everything, and no problem I had was too much trouble.Every week I was so excited to meet with her, and learn the next lessons. I am loving having the ‘Stepping Stones’ she has given me, in order to Manifest my Magical Life.I have come away from the course with much more confidence and belief in myself. I feel so blessed to have come across this wonderful lady, and recommend her course to everyone.

Alicia shares her gifts from a place of deep wisdom. She is a skilled healer. When you work with Alicia you will feel cared for and challenged to excel in the areas of your life that want to change. Before working with Alicia, I had never tried acupressure. I didn’t even completely believe in the benefits of it. When I followed Alicia’s instructions and applied acupressure to the specific points and according to the plan that she tailored for me, I was amazed! I could feel the release of energy immediately. I have the utmost respect for Alicia and her work; she shares her gifts with grace.

Alicia, I can’t thank you enough! This is the first time in my life that I have felt truly connected to nature and the Universe since being a young child. I truly feel that this is an awakening. Thank you!

Wow! Working with Alicia takes you to a whole new dimension in life. Alicia over-delivers 10 fold. She is awesome! I signed up with Alicia because I wanted to focus on improving my home and office environment and my inner life. She has excellent exercises for you to practice that really teach you core concepts and her knowledge of acupressure is invaluable. On top of all of that, she reads Akashic Records, which is just amazing. We ended our course with an Akashic Records reading and I have to say it really gave me a new perspective and also made me feel confident that I was on the right path to my purpose. If you are looking to grow and stretch yourself in a calm, caring, and supportive community, sign up for one of Alicia Kent’s courses! She is a true healer with a huge heart and so much incredible information to share. I noticed real changes in my life as a result of the work that we did together. Now I embody a more calm and peaceful existence and I am so grateful.

Alicia, You have a really great course. Every soul-centered entrepreneur should take it.

Thank you so much Alicia! Your wise advice and your practical, spirit-filled ways have both clued me into what is under the surface of my stress and tension regarding upcoming life changes and given me new ways to cope and go through and beyond my lingering regrets. I am so grateful for your recommendations on how to move forward enthusiastically with joy and gratitude.

Hi! I’m Alicia Kent, Your Love Alchemist.

I’m a Mermaid Sailing Goddess who Loves Freedom and Adventure and truly believes that True Abundance includes Passionate, Luscious Soul Mate Love.


I’m here to Guide, Support and Nourish You as you Heal into Love.

 I am an Intuitive Energy Coach, Scientist, Five Elements Bodymind Acupressurist, and Akashic Records Consultant, who is also trained in Bodymind Processing and Trancework, and Human Design. I blend all of these and many years of experience to be YOUR LOVE ALCHEMIST!


It is possible to Create YOUR Magical Life. That Fairy-
Tale life you were born to live and have dreamed of since you were a child is waiting for YOU.

Trust me, I know what it feels like to feel hopeless. 

To feel like there was no way I could break the patterns of my past. 

For years I feared I was doomed to keep Repeating My Dysfunctional Past in Love Relationships. 

But, I now know, and have proven that we can all transform the Fractal Patterns of our past, and Create The Love Frequency to Attract and Receive Luscious Soul Mate Love.


I have discovered deep techniques for healing these old patterns and creating powerful new ones.

 But YOU have to take inspired action! And YOU need a mentor who has been there. 

You must work on a Body, Mind and Spirit level to create True Transformation!

Years ago as I laid on the grass beside my sobbing son, my heart breaking for myself, him and my daughter, as my life, as I knew it unravelled yet again, I suddenly, and unexpectedly had a deeply defining, life-changing moment; at first of “Oh No”!!! And then “Oh Yes”!! And Wow!!

I saw for the first time how I had been repeating the same Karmic patterns over and over in my Love Life. Over and over, for years since I was a young girl. I saw in my minds eye the creation of the energetic pattern, and all the times I had recreated it in my life in an attempt to heal it.

I saw all the dysfunction and chaos it had created in my life. And all the ways it had played out in my life were played out before me like a long line of dominos that lead back to that first defining moment when I was just 7 years old.

 My mind drifted back to that day, as the tears of my 7 year old self mingled with that day’s, and flowed down my cheeks. The feelings of abandonment, fear, not knowing what our future held, and that feeling of being homeless that day as my Mom and my siblings stood on the side of the highway, in a snowstorm, almost 100 miles from the nearest town, were as fresh and present that day as they were then. My Mom had just left a dysfunctional marriage, and we were hitchhiking to the nearest town, in a snowstorm with not much more than just the clothes on our back.

I saw how my unhealed Sacred Love Wounds had been attracting unavailable men in my relationships, and the resulting pain, heartbreak and chaos that had been creating. And here I was on the grass with my son, my marriage ending and the patterns of the past repeating… again.

I was overwhelmed with Heartbreak, Guilt, Grief, Shame, and Anger.

I suddenly saw so clearly how all the cyclic patterns of Nature also play out in our personal lives and relationships. I realized how moments of loss, trauma, hurt, betrayal and sadness early in our life create an Energetic Pattern that we keep repeating until we Consciously heal and shift it.


I saw how my Sacred Love Wounds originated from this early childhood time and how this Karmic pattern kept repeating itself in my life, and I decided in that moment I was going to heal and shift my Energy and Love Vibration so that I would Attract a new kind of High Vibe Love Relationship…a Deep, Conscious Soul Mate Love Relationship!! 

One can continue to be a Victim of these Fractal Patterns created from their Sacred Love Wounds of Early Life, or one can become empowered and take full responsibility for their Love and Life and choose to take action to Create Their Most Magical Life Full Of Freedom, Joy, Passion and Luscious Love!!

I choose to step out of Victim Mode and into my Power to Create My Most Magical Life Full of Passion, Joy, Vitality, Prosperity and Conscious Soul Mate Love! And YOU can too! 

Even though I had not had “Good Luck” with Love in the past, once I Consciously choose to Create My Most Magical Life, which included Magical, Passionate Soul Mate Love, I did just that, and got engaged on my 55th Birthday on a sailboat, at sunrise in the middle of the Caribbean Ocean!

True Freedom is the end of addiction to drama in Life and Love!


I took the time to study, learn and heal those Sacred Love Wounds of the past.

I invested in myself, both learning new modalities and receiving healing and coaching.

I discovered secrets that helped me to connect the practical with the magical and mystical and incredible things began to happen.


I made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping other women To Heal Into Love, To Shift Their Love Vibrations, and To Attract Conscious Soul Love.


For the past 10 years, in my Private Practice, I’ve done just that!


And, I’ve created an Amazing and Beautiful Life with My Magical Soul Mate Man who is nothing like any of the previous partners I had attracted!

Once I did the deep, specific healing work necessary, I 
attracted that amazing Conscious Divine Life Partner, and 3 years ago, I got engaged to him on my 55th  birthday in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, on a sailboat!!

 No matter your age or life circumstances…It’s NOT too late for YOU to Attract and Create Conscious Soul Love!


Because, remember, you are hurtling towards life’s finish line and YOU CAN’T CUDDLE WITH YOUR CASH!

AND once you begin to do the work to open to Receiving Deep Soul Love, you will also begin Attracting and Receiving Much More Abundance in all areas of your life!