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Alicia Kent, Your Love Alchemist

Soul Mate Sailor MermaidMy life is amazing: fulfilling work, 2 wonderful children, the love of my life. I never expected there to be more…but I was holding back.

I have a gift.

As a Love Alchemist,

I’m here to guide, support & nourish you as you heal into love. 

I’m here to help you to prepare to receive your Soul Mate.

Even if you think it’s too late for you.

Even if you are over 40, 50, 60, or 70. 

Even if  you have experienced heartbreak, and divorce.

Even if feel like you can no longer connect to your inner goddess. 


-Finally being able to connect to the patterns of your Sacred Love Wounds and releasing them.

-Being able to accept every single thing that has happened, and every single thing you thought was a mistake, for the Gifts that they truly are!

-Experiencing more Joy, Freedom, Passion, Prosperity and of course Love! 


I know you are so ready to Create The Love Frequency To Attract Conscious Soul Mate Love.

The energies and emotions keeping you stuck in a low “love frequency” not only keeps attracting the wrong kind of relationships, but actually repels the right love!!

You will Guided, Nourished and Supported to not only find all the gifts, but to become aware of and release these old patterns of energy and emotion that are holding your from the higher kind of Love that you Desire and Deserve!


Two Soul Mate Marriage HeartsSave








Have you ever been through a really challenging and dark time in your life and looked back from the amazing spot you are now and wondered how the heck you got through?


Wondered how you kept putting one foot in front of the other to end up creating an  amazing life…so much more beautiful than you ever thought possible?


And ended up being grateful for every step, as you see how it allowed your true self to emerge, and allowed you to step into your Soul’s Purpose?


Well, I have. I have been through a Dark Night of the Soul, and have risen from the ashes. I was challenged in all areas of my life; Physically, Emotionally, Financially and Spiritually, and all at the same time!Save


Love AlchemistMy program, “Your Alchemical Heart, An Enchanted Journey to Divine Soul Mate Love”, has evolved and been perfected over the past 10 years.

These are the very tools and processes that allowed me to attract a conscious soul love relationship in my 50’s!!


If it sounds like a fairytale, keep listening. I got engaged a year ago, on my 55th birthday on a sailboat in the middle of The Caribbean Sea!

No matter what your age or life circumstances…
It’s NOT too late to attract conscious Soul Love!

Your Alchemical Heart, An Enchanted Journey to Divine Soul Mate Love”, consolidates 10 years of learning into 6 short months, filled with a sisterhood of support and encouragement.



Are you ready to change your life today? Are you ready to create the love frequency to attract your Soul Love? It’s time to talk. I invite you to my free 20 minute LOVE FREQUENCY Session to give you a taste of what you can expect in your program (and we might uncover a few love blocks along the way).


Connect with Alicia, Your Love Alchemist for a FREE 20 min LOVE FREQUENCY Session here:



Are you finally ready to EMBRACE A NEW LOVE FREQUENCY and a Beautiful and Life of Soul Mate Love?!



Imagine….A Life Full of Freedom, Beauty, Peace, Harmony and LOVE. Are You Ready to Take Action to Create a Powerful Life Full of Freedom and Possibilities….To Embody and Unleash Your Full Potential? To Experience all you were meant to…Body, Mind and Spirit


Let’s Connect and Get Started!

Love and Blessings,



“Dear Alicia, I want to thank you so very much for the incredible coaching you’ve given me on the wonderful way the universe works. I had no idea that I could manifest so much with just asking and opening up to receiving. Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined. I had to phone you that one day to tell you what was happening, I was blown away!! Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more wonderful surprises from the universe as I get more great tips from you.”

Silvia Ferguson

Alicia and Jin Shin Do has helped me in ways I didn’t think possible.. I expected to feel relaxed and release some built up stress and tension, however it has done much more than that! The endorphins released leave you feeling blissed out and fabulous!! The emotional releases and discoveries are outstanding to say the least. Removing blocks, Jin Shin Do allows you to achieve your full potential! I no longer suffer from a lot of old thought patterns that created crippling anxiety and depression. Alicia you are a natural healer with a gentle loving nature that allows you to guide others through their session. I resonate in such a way with Jin Shin Do that I am just about to embark on taking the journey myself, course starts this week! Thank you Alicia for assisting me with this beautiful journey, it has truly been a blessing ♥”

“Dear Alicia, Thank You so very much for your inspiring and informative session with our support group…lots of wonderful feedback! You are an inspirational speaker and I am thankful that you have taken this time to share with us.” 

Comox Valley Nursing Centre Chronic Pain Group