"If you don’t make the time to work on creating the life you want, you’re eventually going to be forced to spend a lot of time dealing with a life you don’t want." – Kevin Ngo

alicia-kentAre You Ready To Change Your Energy, and Change Your Life?

Do you feel like you're constantly busy but not making any forward progress? Do you feel the call to find your True Self?

Do you feel too tired to make the shift happen on your own? Are You  Ready to Release the Worry, Overwhelm & Anxiety and respond swiftly and with purpose during these rapidly changing times? 

It's Time To Manifest Your Fairy Tale Life...a Life of  Freedom, Joy, Harmony, Passion,Vitality, Beauty & Love!

The Life You've Been Dreaming Of Since You Were a Child.

 Let's Manifest Your Magical Life Now!

I’ve found it is essential to work with the Body, Mind, Spirit and Environment to create lasting change. Having worked for 30 years as a Medical Scientist and 8 years as an Intuitive Bodymind Acupressurist I know how to look beneath the surface of what appears to be going on, and blend Science and Intuition to find very unique solutions to help YOU SHIFT YOUR ENERGY QUICKLY to Create The Life You Long For.

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 When is the last time you felt Peaceful, Calm, and Full of Joy?

IMG_4966If you’re like many of my first time clients, it may be difficult to recall.

We can all feel depleted at times, distracted by physical ailments, the stresses of balancing jobs, family, finances and expectations.LogoSignatureMandalaFeather

As a scientist, I believe there is strong evidence supporting that we are all surrounded by energy, both seen and unseen that influences the natural world we live in, and the realms beyond our immediate five senses. There is energy in hope, in faith, promise, and potential just as there is energy in sorrow, resentment, and disappointment. The weight we feel in times of distress is an emotional gravity as real as the physical gravity we experience every day.

Are you ready to open and clear energy channels to allow the expansion required for it all to become fully integrated and into physical form?

Alicia can assist you to:

-Integrate Challenge and Change with Ease
-Relax, and Renew, Reduce Stress,  Release Pain, Gain Insight & Clarity
-Regain Personal Power and Enhance Intuition
-Process and Release Intense Emotions such as Overwhelm, Grief , Anxiety and Anger
-Transform Feeling Stressed to Feeling Blessed

Get to know the inner you and start creating the life you desire and deserve. Learn how to create true transformation and to feel empowered doing it!

It's time to Awaken into your Fullest Potential!

Get Manifest Your Magical Life Now!



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Dear Alicia, Thank You so very much for your inspiring and informative session with our support group…lots of wonderful feedback! You are an inspirational speaker and I am thankful that you have taken this time to share with us.

Alicia and Jin Shin Do has helped me in ways I didn’t think possible.. I expected to feel relaxed and release some built up stress and tension, however it has done much more than that! The endorphins released leave you feeling blissed out and fabulous!! The emotional releases and discoveries are outstanding to say the least. Removing blocks, Jin Shin Do allows you to achieve your full potential! I no longer suffer from a lot of old thought patterns that created crippling anxiety and depression. Alicia you are a natural healer with a gentle loving nature that allows you to guide others through their session. I resonate in such a way with Jin Shin Do that I am just about to embark on taking the journey myself, course starts this week! Thank you Alicia for assisting me with this beautiful journey, it has truly been a blessing ♥.

I want to thank you so very much for the incredible coaching you’ve given me on the wonderful way the universe works. I had no idea that I could manifest so much with just asking and opening up to receiving. Since you taught me the power of great manifestation and gave me tips on how to ask for what I want to attract in my life, I have been blessed with great surprises and manifesting things that I would’ve never imagined. I had to phone you that one day to tell you what was happening, I was blown away!! Thank you again, and I am looking forward to more wonderful surprises from the universe as I get more great tips from you.












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